Too lifted to read the news? Every week, we recap the most interesting headlines in the world of intoxicants, illegal or not. To inform, to liberate. …

1. According to our analytics, people are really excited about the possibility of shrooms becoming legal in Colorado. One organization is close to getting it on the ballot in under a year.

2. Which is just another sign of people becoming more adept to "harder" drugs. It's not unlike DMT vape pens, which are bringing this insanely powerful substance into casual hangouts — like a beer, but with full-on contacting alien-type capabilities.

3. Psychedelics, though, aren't just something people do to escape reality — a new study shows the chemicals might possibly regrow brain cells in humans (it's so far worked in rats). It's the beginning of what could be an innovative way to possibly cure ailments like anxiety and depression.

4. There are still people out there though who don't buy into the "street drugs are medicine" narrative. For whatever reason, the site I Fucking Love Science published results of a suspect study that claims weed doesn't have any effect on pain. The problem with it? The researchers used dirt weed, which, doesn't do much of anything but cure a few hours of boredom. Plenty … plenty … of more capable studies have proven the opposite.

5. And whatever, large corporations see the money in weed regardless — a reason Big Tobacco is moving in. Recently, Imperial Brands invested millions in a UK research startup called Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies (along with Snoop Dogg's investment firm Casa Verde Capital). This is just one of many smaller moves the behemoths are making to dip their toes in the growing legal industry.

6. Yet with bigger fish in the pond means smaller carp will be eaten. That's why underfunded grows in California are suing their larger counterparts. "The California Growers Association (CalGrowers) is suing California’s Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) for a legal cannabis licensing scheme that allows a small number of moneyed companies to dominate the state’s cannabis industry," says "A Marijuana Business Daily analysis previously found that 20 percent of the state’s cultivation licenses were owned by just 12 companies."

7. Welcome to the party Vermont. On July 1, recreational weed became legal. That's great and all, but the bill passed back in January of this year, states it's legal to have, but still illegal to sell. There are measure in place to try and fix this snafu, but as of right now, anyone caught selling cannabis in the state can receive up to two years in prison and a $10,000 fine. hmmm…

8. Not to worry, insurance companies in Canada see the light. They're now not treating weed smokers and tobacco smokers the same. "A lot of the guidelines are still a little bit ambiguous," insurance broker Lorne Marr tells CBC. "But it's a big change from five or 10 years ago because everybody was getting smoker rates, which is a huge difference in the premiums."

9. Let this be a lesson to all of you: Don't pretend you're playing Grand Theft Auto when you're high on LSD. Stealing a car in front of cops will get you arrested. And you will spend years paying back your dues to society. Just ask Anthony Clark, an Oregon man that just went all YOLO on real life after a few hits and now faces an unbelievable amount of charges. 

Be safe out there kids.

[cover photo stevepb via Pixabay]