When a girl bet her friend that she couldn't draw a pen15 with her Nike+, her friend laughed in her face, then made this…

Everyone's gotta draw penises sometimes. We get it. But the lengths that some people are willing to go to draw them is equal parts impressive and unnerving. Especially when it involves exercise.

It all started when a girl bet her friend on Reddit that she couldn't draw a dick with her Nike+…to which her friend solemnly replied "Yeah, bitch, I can."

So she stuck her running shoes on, turned on her Nike+, and took to a football field to create what is probably the largest-scale penis art of our time. By jogging. Her Nike+ tracked her movements via satellite communication and outlined her running path which, to everyone's surprise, was the spitting image of a male member…and it's visible from space.

We're almost positive that's exactly what the creators of Nike+ had in mind when they made the app.

Her friend was stunned. As were we that anyone had that much time or desire to draw penises.

There was even an impressively detailed planning phase…

…and the confusingly intricate amount of technical knowledge she had about the art form of giant penis drawings.

And while this girl is responsible for the largest penis drawing in recorded history, she's not the first person who's spent a completely unneccesary time scribbling impressions of the male form. We think she might have taken a cue from this guy….