The list of gestures people can perform to gain our undivided attention is a short one. The easiest is offering to pay for our drinks, naturally, and the other is to shoot stuff with a canon. Not just any canon either; it has to be something with enough pressurized force that it will quickly make Swiss cheese out of an OJ Simpson styled Bronco.

As of yet the Boulder-bred rock outfit Branded Bandits has eluded our requests for free drinks, but they sure made good on the canon. We’ll call it a wash.

The ignored drink requests may have something to do with the fact that they’re barely of age, if at all. We accept that excuse – for now.  But it’s a rarity in this state to have such a prolific force of music come out of artists that have little years behind them. Call it old souls, or whatever, but they’ve got a style that’s unmatched in the local scene.

Yesterday the video for “Hang Me High” was released and appeased our ongoing desire for destruction. The trio managed to enter a higher society of artistry by discharging a brand unlike any others in the provincial industry. With a seemingly natural ease of style, the three artists conjure up emotions akin to the nostalgic rhythms of classic rock icons and maintain the attitude without seeming tacky or overbearing. The best part of the emerging act is that the attempt isn’t a sour push to be ironic in old-fashion, rather, it’s a natural showing of who they are and what they’re about to become.

Produced by Camera Speeds Inc., “Hang Me High” goes on to beg the question: “Where did they find one of those canons and whose paycheck is getting garnished this month so that we can get one too?”

Rooster likey.

Check out the Grace-Potter-and-the-Nocturnals-esque trio at its EP release show March 15 at The Hi-Dive. Tickets are just a few wild pelts – or – the equivalent to 7 American dollars. Supporting acts include Veretta and Petals of Spain.