He says it was meant for "Magic Mike 2" but wasn't used. M'eh, we weren't going to go see that garbage anyways …

It was an inescapable radio hit in its prime and seems to always creep out of the woodwork every so often — because that’s what legendary songs do. Ginuwine’s “Pony”
is that, and has since been remade by a few clever DJs, but not often with the type of feels Rustie’s been able to accomplish with his new release.

Turns out it may have been in the running to be used in the new “Magic Mike” movie — according to his Facebook post anyways — but whatever, we weren’t going to watch that cinematic garbage anyways. For the birds, it’s for the birds! We’ll just enjoy the new remix all the same.

Pony Rmx I did for Magic Mike 2 but they didn't use it

Posted by Rustie on Monday, July 27, 2015