Because if you don't know, now you know …

Every music media outlet on the planet is giving us end-to-end coverage of the “Drake vs. Meek Mill” debacle. And whatever, that’s dandy for a click or two-hundred-thousand, but for those of us more interested in, you know, music, it’s been a pretty dismal week on a national level. Luckily for us, this past week has been an entertaining one for Colorado music fans. Here’s three joints from locals we’ve got way up this week (and for sure will have throughout the weekend) …

Mister Freedom – "Suites For Smalls ft. Marc Clifford"

Mister Freedom consists of two artists, FL and Neon Brown, who take their music to new levels by teaming up and playing off each others' strengths. Last week, the group released its first single to the upcoming project, due out Aug 4. Now, they are back and proving the quality we hear in the first track is anything but a bluff. Make sure to keep up with the talented duo, as it seems they're on that roll!

Yasi – "Circles"

Local songstress Yasi previously made some dope tunes alongside her previous band, H*Wood — but she’s reinventing herself and proving she's just as lethal to the game as a solo artist. Even though H*Wood recently parted ways as a group, Yasi still carries with her the experience of creating and releasing pro-quality music. For “Circles” she worked with producer Artifakts to create a melodic, enchanting track that is perfect for late weeknights or quiet weekends.

Trev Rich – "Deliver" & "Pimpin’ Ain’t Dead"

Trev Rich has blossomed into one of the most talented and promising artists from the Denver area. We’ve always seen his energy and style as something that sets him apart, but he’s back to remind us his pen game is just as nice as the heavyweights. As fans patiently await the first official single from his upcoming project, Trev satisfies fans' needs with two short songs, in which he tears it up lyrically over some old school beats. Keep an eye out for Trev in the coming weeks, because something tells us he’s on to something big.