All you need to know to be in the know about local music things …

Music is really tough to keep up with now-a-days. Especially when the only tracks found on the Internet are related to Drake or any one of his writers. To squash that unhelpful noise right now, we're showcasing a few new heaters from Colorado locals. There’s plenty of good music coming from our region and it’s time to give them some much deserved attention.

Splyt – "Bobby Fisher"

Splyt has been a busy man in the 2015 calendar year. He just recently hopped on tour with California artist Kyle to showcase his talents to listeners outside of Colorado. It's been a while since we’ve received a full length project from the Denver rapper, but “Bobby Fisher” marks the beginning of the campaign to release “The S Project” — which is due out sometime in the following months. “Bobby Fisher” is the first track on the project and gives fans a glimpse of how many strides Splyt has taken since we last heard of him.

Ace Boogie – "Young Indigo ft. JT RunninMan"

Last spring, we premiered a new music video from a local troupe named Planes!, which was met with great response. Now, two artists from the collective are back with new visuals, switching up its style and versatility. The two artists clearly have chemistry in the studio, and have shown they can become a serious power-duo in D-D-Denver.

F.L. – "Let You Know ft. AP"

F.L. (a former member of the hip hop collective “Foodchain”) has been on his own solo material for a couple of years now. In that time he's quickly put everyone in the city on notice (his Young Amsterdam mixtape was one of the hottest hometown tapes). For this track, F.L. teams up Squizzy Gang member AP, who also competes as one of the most impressive lyricists in Denver. F.L. proves that he is very capable of making songs that stick out – songs that are cohesive, purposeful and showcase his incredible talent.