Our weekly roundup of locally grown heaters.

This week, thousands of teenagers around the nation Googled “What does N.W.A. stand for” before flocking to movie theaters to make “Straight Outta Compton” the #1 movie in the country. The romantic hip-hop tale of rappers going from nothing to everything drew the attention of an entire nation (again). Now that hip-hop fever is in the air, it’s time to direct that energy in the proper direction. This week, we bring you artists with global potential — they just happen to be Straight Outta Denver.

Pries – "La La La"

Pries is greasing up for the release of his mixtape, “No Glue 3,” which was recently announced with a come-out date of September 5. To celebrate, the multi-faceted artist dropped “La La La,” a hard-hitting single showcasing all-star star potential. Don’t be surprised if you see Pries' name all over the Internet sometime soon — the artist has been perfecting his craft for years, and exudes all that is required to blow the fuck up.

Mister Freedom – "In America Today (ft. Vast Aire)"

Mister Freedom (the duo featuring FL and producer Neon Brown) are back with their final single release before a debut project comes out on August 22. This funky tune features veteran MC Vast Aire, and is another impressive step before we get to open our ears to the album. Make sure to catch the two artists at the Moon Room (inside Summit Music Hall) on the 22nd for their release party and Red Bull Sound Select show!

DeColo – "(ir)regular heart"

DeColo's newest offering shines a bright light on the local artist's versatility. The slow (yet powerful) beat carries Decolo’s voice as he sings and raps his way through the brunt of the track. The impressive material DeColo has put out in the past six months makes this man one to watch, so make sure you're paying attention.