Local producer/DJ AViVA is dropping a new tune all over your face!

Ooooohkie dokie — here we go! We've got an exclusive first listen to local producer/DJ AViVA's new track titled "Face In The Crowd" — a superb drop from the rising talent and something we suggest everyone download for whatever pregame mix that needs updated. You want this, you know you do …

"Face In The Crowd" — a track AViVA has been working on since the beginning of this year — is something she says is far different than anything she's done in the past. It's a slower take on her usual upbeat productions, which came with its own set of logistics needing to be worked out with the help of fellow Colorado musicians. 

"I called my friend Linden Jackson from a well known local band called One Flew West," she says of the lyrical structures. "Linden's vocal range made perfect sense with the track. His lyricism is a true reflection of us as musicians, too." She and her team also recorded drums live in studio, giving the track a life-like quality not easily emulated by computers or synths.

The single is the first in a number of original mixes to be released in the future — tracks rumoured to showcase AViVA's newfound inspirations of the new future house mixes currently being dropped all over dance floors. "I love the deep, dark synth lines and complex basses," she says of the direction of her newer work. 

It's safe to say we'll be seeing an artist honing her style in the coming months, likely moving on to bigger and better things because of it — an ever-intriguing event for all types of music fans. 

Watch for AViVA performing at any one of the biggest dance clubs or venues around the state, especially at the end of the year, where she says she has a confirmed (but as of yet announced) super special show, where she plans on dropping all of her latest hits upon the crowd's face. We're gonna take a stab and guess that it's probably New Years, and there will probably be plenty of turning up involved. 

– cover photo: Anna Stein for EOC Photos