Forget emissions, global warming is happening because of Colorado's local musicians.

The Denver hip hop scene is a tough sucker to keep up with. Just when you think you have a good grasp on where to keep your ears, a new artist pops up and illuminates why he/she/they are the next best Colorado gem. Not only that, but the artists who are already established have been opening the flood gates on their material, too. It's a good time to be alive.

A Meazy – "For The Birds (ft. A Fox)"

A Meazy’s “The Real Ned Flanders” is a certified banger of a mixtape, and now he's back at it with visuals to one of the project’s standout songs. The video is shot by local legend Jeremy Pape and features everything needed to grab anyone's attention — boobs, cars, people, boobs, selfies. With an irresistible hook from A Fox, “For The Birds” should get plenty of rotation on a morning commute or long mountain drive.

Trev Rich – "Make My Day (ft. Mia Faro)"

Trev Rich is preparing to launch a new project called “Therapy,” but the Denver heavyweight hasn’t taken any time off in the interim. He released a joint mixtape with Innerstate Ike, and is already back with the new release. From the sounds of things, Trev has some crazy women in his life. Careful, good music like this only attracts more.

Povi – "Prototype (Andre 3000 Cover)"

Local songstress Povi has been making a name for herself in both Colorado and California — and it’s no surprise why. Her most recent video showcases herself on an LA balcony, giving a rendition to one of everyone's all time favorite Outkast songs, “Prototype”. Her beautiful and soothing vocals produce a cover battling close with the original in perfection.

H – "Price$ (ft. Yasi)"

This song came out a few months back, but it's so relaxing and beautiful that we had to include it and play catch up. “Price$” features a solid verse from newcomer H and has already raked in 4,000 plays. It also has the stunning vocals of Yasi right behind him. There's plenty more to come from the two talented musicians. We can wait to hear what their future sounds like.