A new video, a new album, a new show — dude's are on fire!

Kontrast and Fo'Chief, two Colorado emcees bred from the successes of the lauded Fresh Breath Committee, formed a duo some years ago and began releasing a mixtape series dubbed "Cannonball Soup." Now, along with the release of their grow-sporting video for "Ain't No Other Way," the two are announcing a release date for a full studio album with a headlining party at The Marquis Theatre to celebrate.

The two local come-ups are no strangers to sharing the stage with industry hitters, including Joe Budden, The Pharcyde, Vince Staples and more. With an opportunity to headline their own stage, however, the two look to add depth to the ever-growing hip-hop community here in town.

"In my opinion, these two are single handedly preserving the art of a classic hip-hop duo," Ru Johnson of Roux Black and Denver Posts's Reverb tells us. "They feed off of each other with rhythm, melody and the best rhymes I've heard in a while."

Get familiar with the powerful duo above and support local artists by copping the album when it's available. 

Check out the drop, Cannonball Soup 2; The Last Supper, when it's released Mar 25: