And more, and more, and more and more …

This week, the Denver hip-hop scene once again experienced another explosion of new music. There was a birthday, an album released and plenty of other singles to keep us distracted from the scary fact that 6 months of cold weather is fast approaching (unless you're into that sort of thing, then by all means, stay weird).

AP – "King Me (ft. FL)" // "Zombie Interlude (ft. DeColo & Tripper Jones)"

AP had a birthday on Wednesday (09/30) and decided to take over the entire city as a gift to himself. First, he released "King Me" with one of Rooster's favorite locals, FL. He wasn't done yet, though. Next came "Zombie Interlude" which is another gem. AP has been steadily improving and gaining recognition for his hard work, and we can't wait to hear more. The squizzy resident is not someone to sleep on!

Future Heroes – Native

The local duo Future Heroes has been making waves in the local scene through their energetic performances and quality music. "Native" is their next adventure, and it is just more proof that Ken Deezy and Mars are serious about their craft. Produced entirely in house by Ken Deezy, the beats hit hard. Their wily and sometimes sinister wordplay keeps your attention throughout the tape; give it a download here!

Sur Ellz – "ECHO"

The talented Sur Ellz dropped "Echo" this week and our ears haven't stopped thanking him since. The slow moving beat is perfectly matched by the captivating voice of Sur Ellz. There is plenty of talent in what this man does, so make sure you stay up to date!

Kayla Marque – "Hopeful Heartbreak"

It's not always time to turn up. And while Marque's singer/songwriter style of "Hopeful Heartbreak" doesn't fit into the usual "hip-hop mold" of our weekly recaps, she no doubt deserves a prominent spot in being noticed. Her soulful delivery is, frankly, unbeatable. We're not crying though — we just stubbed our toe earlier and are thinking about that right now, that's why our eyes are wet. Both of them …