It's like the busy shopping weekend of local music …

New York? Never heard of her. Because Denver lately seems like the real city that never sleeps. Every time we catch up on all of the weekly drops in local music, another batch of songs and videos come to our attention that we know everyone needs to hear and see. We suppose it's a good problem to have, though — being entertained with too much music. #FirstWorldProblems Either way, we have another batch of incredibly talented locals that need to be in on the mix moving forward.

(n1nth)cloud – "Cheap Drinks feat. Input"

Wheeeeeeere did these cats crawl out of? It's been several hot minutes since we've heard from the duo of Grounded and Broken (and that young Input even), but the nap must have done them all some good. "Cheap Drinks" is fire, and is hopefully a fruitful release of a much larger basket of content out of each of them, either together or separate. Speaking of cheap drinks, where the happy hour at?

Pries – "La La La"

Pries comes at us with a video for "La La La," a standout track from the rapper's impressive No Glue 3 mixtape. The entire tape is done well, and Pries is on his way to becoming someone who can put Denver on the map. With videos like this one (shot by the talented Verax Creative), Pries is gearnering attention from across the country. Download No Glue 3 and keep your eyes on Pries.

The 3hree Project featuring The reMINDers – "So High"

One of our favorite tracks from the groundbreaking The 3hree Project album featured the Denver husband/wife duo known as the reMINDers. Thanks to local videographer Jeremy Pape (dude runs Denver) and Justin Rodriguez, we now have the accompanying video. The song is uplifting (like yellow balloons!), catchy and bound to put a smile on your face — and the bouncy video is likely to do the same! If you don't know what The 3hree Project is yet, get acquainted, they're the artists putting it on for our city!

Trev Rich – "Circles"

Trev, along with many of the Squizzy members and other local artists, are out in Atlanta for the A3C Festival (one of the biggest hip hop festivals in the world). They're all representing this box state well, and deserve nothing but support for their efforts. Before Trev left, he dropped "Circles" to hold everyone over until his return. Nothing new from Trev, still showing why he is one of (if not, THE) dopest in the city.

Top Flight Empire – "No Love"

Top Flight is a local group who has been doing dope stuff for a good amount of time. Its new video for "No Love" is incredibly produced. Take nothing away from the actual song, though, because this troupe is on top of the game. Pay attention to Top Flight Empire, because they might just blow up in front of our eyes.

Doobie Newton – "No Charge"

Doobie decided to really make things hard for us when he dropped "No Charge" yesterday; now one half of this local post has members from the local "Squizzy Gang" collective. We'll let you all decide what that coincidence means … We digress. Doobie has a vibrant style that can easily catch on because he brings an undefinable factor to songs. And that's good.

VISUAL BONUS: Turner Jackson – "Red Plastic Cup"

A couple of weeks ago, we gave you an exclusive premiere of Turner Jackson's funky "Red Plastic Cup" track, and now the talented local artist is back pushing it out with its video. The visuals match the song's vibes perfectly, and Turner turns up with friends while drinking the power-juice out of … you guessed it …