The temperatures are dropping but the heat is rising.

Admittedly, we've been caught sleeping for the past couple of weeks. We've skipped out on our weekly local posts, allowing all of the local flavors to marinate. Now, we have a perfect blend of homegrown flavor, and we all have plenty to catch up on.

The temperatures are dropping but the heat is rising.

Trev Rich – "Sometimes" & "Tunnel Vision"

Trev Rich has been keeping his name in the spotlight with new videos and whispers around the city in anticipation of his next project. "Sometimes," off of Trev Rich's "Rain In The Summer" project, gets the video treatment with a built in storyline. A second offering, "Tunnel Vision," is a new video between Trev and local videographer Leland Schmidt, that not only fits the social climate of 2015, it also holds the capacity to entertain any audience, we feel. Trev is inching closer and closer to that major breakthrough we keep going on and on about — we can't wait to see what he does when it happens.

Doze One – "Mama"

We first heard of Doze One when he was featured on "5 AM" by local artist H. After impressing us with his uniqueness in that track, we knew we had to hear more from the artist. Well, he granted our wish and sent us over "Mama," a deep song in which Doze shows off not only his inarguable talent, but his ability to emulate specific feelings through song. Check it. 

Kontrast & Fo' Chief – "Dead Rock"

Kontrast an Fo'Chief have released a brand new video for their new song "Dead Rock". This shit is inteeeeeeeense! The group has been proving that the two of them are a serious threat in the game, and the talent they both bringto the table only strengthens that argument. Also, with a stunner video like this, it's all up from here. Catch them both live with Joe Budden on November 16th at The Bluebird!