There's a lot of stuff in here people. Give yourself a moment to enjoy it all …

Winter is finally beginning to feel like winter in Colorado, and the cold weather has us trapped inside with some of the best new releases from local talent. The state's hip-hop scene has itself some momentum going into the holiday break — fact — and the fire artists are releasing is sure to keep us warm through any blizzard. Bring it proper, El Niño!

JT Runnin Man – "I Be"

The Planes! own JT Runnin Man is back with his own solo material, and he is picking up right where he left off. "I Be" is the first of many songs coming our way, as JT is preparing the release of his mixtape RunninMan Urameshi. This is vintage JT, with all the impressive flow and lyricism that we've come to expect from him.


Trayce Chapman – "Fish Scale"

Local rapper Trayce Chapman is back with "Fish Scale," off of The Izm, his upcoming tape due out in March 2016. Chapman has been one of the most creative and impressive artists in the city this past year, and it's good to see him continue on the trend.


Lily Fangz – Fresh Air EP

Lily Fangz has built up her name over the past few years like no other artist around has and she just released a collaborative project with Ignelzi. Fangz pushes herself hard creatively, and each drop is a worthwhile notch in her archives. Fresh Air is no different, highlighting Lily's quality wordplay and unique flow.


F.L. – "WWYD"

FL has said he's preparing to drop a bunch of new music soon, and has started it off with the release of a new video for the single "WWYD" — and a new website. "WWYD" is produced by Avenue Prod, a longtime friend of FL's. The duo's chemistry on this song is impossible to miss, as FL sings and raps over the inciting beat. Anything FL lays his hands on always gets us excited, so make sure you look on him for the new tracks!


Devan Blake Jones – "Breaking the Mold"

We don't always get to every new release when they come out, which is why having artists submit their work is so important. Because had Devan Blake Jones not sent us his new video, we could have missed out. And we don't like that. We don't like missing out. Props to him and the new(ish) video for the single "Breaking the Mold."

———- – The Rewīnd 001

Jilly has a creative perspective to break from the monotony once in a while, often singing over her live mixes and spreading her own frosting on the tracks. She says her newest upload The Rewīnd is "chopped up from my live after-party set at Larimer Lounge on Dec. 11, 2015 in Denver." It's a relaxed ride full of mostly down-tempo relaxers. But it could go any way really. Party, sleep, turn up, nap — whatever, what you do with your life is your own business …