Enjoy this banger "Basics" from H and Splyt, a Rooster premiere.

A long tour allows for some musicians to keep their creative juices flowing. There's something about the constant travel and open road that really inspires them — it can be responsible for some of your favorite songs.

Earlier this year, local artists H and Splyt went on tour with California rapper KYLE, and through this journey of the southwest, the two emcees created beautiful magic while out on the road. "Basics," produced by BNJMN, hits harder than previous work we've seen from H (though we aren't complaining), his voice wavering in and out of the central role of the song as a fast, drummed filled beat carries the structure along. The verses are solid from both artists. If relationships like this one keep building, the local scene will transform into the beautiful butterfly that we know it is.

Enjoy this banger from H and Splyt, brought to you exclusively by Rooster!