It's been a stellar couple of weeks for local drops.

If we weren't excited enough for the new year — and happy, you know, just because we're alive in general — the local music sphere had to go and drop unbelievable work to kick off the second half of the decade. From DJ Rosa Sparks, to our favorite punk rock outfit Wiredogs, the genres hath been represented proper. If it's a good ass kicking you're looking for or just a general chill sesh with some down-tempo vibes, this post is bound to fill your empty happy meal box with starchy freshness. 

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Rosa Sparks – January G*House

Denver DJ/Producer Rosa Sparks comes out of the 2016 blocks hot with a new, half-hour long set that she says has "Absolutely NO CHILL." Take a musical journey with some favorite tracks in her current playlist, and turn up the fire to melt that disgusting white stuff that's all over the roads right now. 


Wiredogs – "Broken Youth"

What's this? Seems like just last month we were on one about frontman Dan Aid and his solo project The Quiet Place. Looks like the band's back together! Well, no, they never broke up — the new drop is just another hollow-point in the act's massive library. Aid and company are back in their normal attire, relentlessly punking all over this city with "Broken Youth."


K-Mac – "H3ELL0"

Ho-lee-fuck — this remix of Adele's monster-smash-bonanza single "Hello" is downright fire. K-Mac is on a come-up right now, and produces some of the finest tracks we've heard in a minute from new artists. We're not even sick of the original single yet (because we love to weep like babies), but this rendition certainly gives us that excuse we need to turn up to our boo 'Dele before hitting the weekend streets. 


Rob4Real – “The Dish”

Rob4Real's been on our radar for a bit, so we're always stoked when he drops the good drops. "The Dish" is another pouncer that's going to get some repetitive plays from fans of the local hip-hop scene. The seamless transition from an up-tempo dance track to lowkey chill is a fresh take on the standard track recipe. "We poppin' is you poppin'?" he asks. Well, fuck ya, now we are. Weekend goals. 


TheRealAGE – "Talk To You"

We keep tellin' everyone — get your tracks to us if you know what's good for you. When we get submissions like TheRealAGE's "Talk To You," it makes our cold-cemented hearts find new life again with joy. Dude's relatively new and undiscovered as of right now in the city-sphere, but rest assured, if he keeps throwing out singles like this, it won't be long before the name becomes commonplace. Good on him. 


Devan Blake Jones – “Into The Wilderness”

The real beauty about having so much reputable talent within arm-shot of everything, is that there is never any true distinction between national artists and those we call neighbors. The new video/single from Devan Blake Jones is a work that holds itself like any other international radio hit would with the backing of large labels and Kardashian-like hype. The gap is closing between what the monsters feed us, and what's available on our own terms. "Into The Wilderness" is fucking beautiful, period.