Get your mind right …

This week the local music scene stayed busy as usual. Through all of the chaos, we've hand-selected the stuff you just have to hear. An EP came out by a great local singer, and two of the biggest rappers in the city combined for another heater. While you sit at home thawing out your toes from the first snowfall, make sure you keep bumping the locally grown music that our city needs to support!

Sur Ellz – Magic EP

Local singer/songwriter Sur Ellz just announced he has signed to Souls In Action Entertainment, a Denver based collective of creatives. Right after the big news was announced, Sur Ellz released his "Magic" EP to show just what he can do. This talented, soulful young man is certainly someone to keep an eye on, as there's plenty in the "Magic" EP that can stay on repeat until the next project drops. Yeah, we're already thinking ahead to what's coming next …

FL & Ray Reed – "Mind Right"

Recently we were blessed with a dope track that was cooked up by two of our favorite local rappers, FL and Ray Reed. Just like we guessed, the verses in this song flow like the Mississippi. Not sure where, if anywhere, this song will end up nestled inside of an album, but we know that it will stay in our office rotation for a bit. Get your mind right.

Cover Photo: these.are.photoshops.