Eeesh — Tripper Jones has us going UP on a Tuesday!

Eeesh — Tripper Jones has us going UP  on a Tuesday, and we haven’t even put anything into our bloodstreams yet that would make us this feel this light-headed! Unless of course someone laced our ham sandwich again … it’s possible the ham was laced …

But really, this new album “Liquid Drops” by the local emcee is a whirlwind of tripped-out tones and psychedelia runarounds. There’s nothing in these 12 tracks that is “typical” of any hip-hop release, and its able to hold itself together with entertaining cuts amidst a river of soulful offerings. This is an album, period. 

If you’ve only got a few minutes to check him out and plan on making a rushed decision based off of one song only, listen to our favorite, “Myself” — where Jones runs through a fascinating story of kicking it in the VIP area only “fucking with” himself. Because as true introverts with a general disdain for all humanity: we relate. We relate so hard.