The best local releases of the past couple weeks …

Unlike our national forests right now, the local scene is on fire. From rock to rap, indie to whatever the hell kids are into these days, artists statewide are elbowing themselves up the ranks. Here's what we've been getting into these past few weeks.

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Future Heroes – "Up"

In anticipation of their show this Sunday (4/10) at The Bluebird Theater with Freddie Gibbs, the Denver-duo Future Heroes unloaded a new track titled "Up" — something that has nothing at all to do with the Disney movie. This is cruisin' music, it's cruisin' weather … fuck it let's go cruise.

—– – "Rub Me The Right Way" (J-Louis x PYRMDPLAZA vs. Christina Aguilera)

Christina Aguilera is a big deal; we didn't think she could get any sexier. But local deck-wrecker has done it with her chopped and screwed mix of a J-Louis x PYRMDPLAZA track peppered with Aguilera's teenage dry-humping anthem "Rub Me The Right Way" …


Mister Freedom – "Kevin Ware"

Haha, whaaat!? Push aside how sunburnt (our summertime word for "lit") this off-the-wall track is — the video is fucking intense. Yoda smoking the green with C3PO? We never thought we'd see the day. Mister Freedom has the best video (and one of the best tracks) of the year so far, locally or ever.


Sur Ellz – "Seasons" (feat Kid Astronaut)

It's been a season of releases with the anti-summer jam theory. Instead of high-tempos and grotesque horns signaling a time to shoot tequila down our throats, the local scene is unloading with sensual, reproductive anthems. Sur Ellz's work alongside Kid Astronaut's emotion-piercing vocals is something of a treat.


option4 feat Rose Quartz – "Love Is Lonely"

If warped vocals and energetic blips are your thing, "Love Is Lonely" is going to be right up your alley. This unique collabo between two local powerhouses is something we'd always hoped for and more. If these two acts don't work together more it's going to be a serious crime, felony even.


One Flew West – "These Old Bones"

One Flew West is out there getting things done. It's continually placed atop local awards things and continues to develop its deep folk sound with depth. "These Old Bones" is a thinker; grab the whiskey …


Povi – "4am" and "Park Hill" feat ILoveMakonnen

Get ready for it — a twofer! Povi's doing her damn thing, releasing some of the best work this city's ever seen. If she isn't out destroying the Red Bull Sound Select game, she's working with some of music's best. "4am" and "Park Hill" are each advanced in their own right. She reminds us of an old-school Mya a little bit for whatever reason — and we fucking love Mya.


BANDITS – "Kill Tonight"

Whatever the band did after BANDITS took some time off and rebranded themselves a bit, it was exactly what it needed. The dark, melodic delivery of this trio is unmatched. These three aren't going to be "local" for very much longer.