We always thought Bart's weird little squeal voice would sound great over dreamy synths and tropical drums …

Given that The Simpsons has been around since before you were conceived, it's surprising, appalling even, that it hasn't launched its own musical genre spin-off yet.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're happy to say that you can finally relax though, because it has now.

Introducing Simpsonswave, the new EDM micro-genre devoted entirely to the music and aesthetic of The Simpsons

An offshoot of vaporwave, the quick-lived genre of music and general Internet imagery influenced by the retro culture of the '80s and '90s, as well as Japanese culture and advertising, Simpsonswave is currently EDM's niche-iest niche, which would ordinarily irritate us. Thing is though, it's actually really good.

It builds on vaporwave's general glitchy dreaminess by using heavily distorted old clips from the show layered atop blissed-out, tropical vaporwave tracks. It kind of sounds like what's going on in Homer's head when he lays eyes on a glistening six-pack of Duff Beer, or what it was like to come down off of wisdom tooth anesthesia at your house in middle school when there was a Simpsons marathon on Fox … peaceful, yet clearly in another dimension.

The Marge-loving micro-genre came to life last year via Vine, and like most Simpsons-related things, it wasn't long before Reddit and Facebook fan groups like Simpsons Shitposting and CompuglobalHyperMeganet grabbed a hold of it with their scaly, Ableton Live-encrusted talons, transforming it into a movement all its own.

Now, thanks to the undying virality of Simpsons memes and transient EDM trends, Simpsonswave has received a dramatic boost in popularity over the past couple of weeks, with the number of songs and videos increasing substantially across the web.

We pulled a couple of our favorite tracks for you out of the animated madness; you can listen to them below.

That, or just blast some Saint Pepsi over a muted Simpsons episode; it's literally the same thing.

Check out the Simpsonswave subreddit for more juicy vids, if you're hungry for more.