Song covers and remixes aren’t anything new, in fact if the numbers were crunched and the time was wasted to relay all the data (which we’ll never do until we start getting paid hourly), we’d probably see that covers and remixes are more prevalent than actual original songs in the current industry.

Sometimes that’s ok though, because we love it when artists take one overdone song and flip it with a personalized twist. It gets us to enjoy another version of it and opens our eyes a bit more to which artists actually have digestable talent, and which ones are probably just manifested capability in studio-kitchens of mega-producer-chefs. 

One delicious audible treat that came through our desk yesterday is from Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye. He's redone Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” and, well, we almost forgot who she even is after listening. Almost. Barely, dangit – we were so close!

Listen here: