Papadosio, a five-piece band from North Carolina, is set to release its latest studio album, Extras in a Movie, on Oct 2.

Papadosio will be holding a two-night release party at the Boulder Theater, Oct 2 and 3, to celebrate its new music and give a first glimpse to how the new songs sound live. If the shows are anything like Papadosio's previous trips to Colorado, viewers can expect a visual and auditory experience like no other.

The new music is a great addition to Papadosio’s already impressive list of songs. Many of the new tracks feature heavy, bass-driven rhythms layered under upbeat guitar chords and energetic synth lines.

The songs blend seamlessly from one to the next, making this an album worth playing cover to cover. Many of the new songs feature familiar sounds for Papadosio fans, but show the band's promise as an evolving and ever-relevant music group.

Songs like “Out of Hiding” and “Distant Days” get us jumping out of our seats, ready to dance, while others like “Epiphany,” “We Can Always Come Back” and “Glimpse of Light” make us want to lie down and relax. Other songs like “2am” show Papadosio return to a more rock-and-roll sound that can be heard in previous songs like “Holy Heck” and “Cue.” The music is intricate, beautiful and uplifting.

Earlier this week, the band leaked all 16 songs off the new album onto

The album can be purchased in person at the album release show in Boulder this weekend or on Papadosio’s website. After this weekend's Boulder shows, Papadosio will embark on a US tour covering a good chunk of the country.