Local emcee Rob4Real enacts the help of Welcome To The D.O.P.E Game's Jeremy Pape for a visually chaotic ride into his burgeoning hip-hop ability.

We’ve said it almost half a dozen times already: 2015 is the year of Colorado hip-hop. We’ve been able to say it and mean it so far because there’s already been more than a few hits swing through our desks and the momentum — straight from the mouths of insiders — is just getting started.

Another attention grabber we've caught recently is local emcee Rob4Real’s new video for “Fuck 12 // Murder Doubt.” This time around it wasn’t even because it's straight swear happy right in the title (like we often enjoy), but because it’s a solid release from an artist on the quick rise.

It didn’t hurt him so much either that the video enacted the help of Welcome To The D.O.P.E. Game’s Jeremy Pape, who often comes through with some of the best work this region witnesses in the hip-hop arena.

Rob4Real’s now anticipated new album “L.D.D.L. (Love, Drugs, Dreams, Lust)” will be out Feb 13.

“I’m all about being happy,” Rob says in his online bio. “I was negative for a long time but all you really have to do is change your mind and that’s what this music is all about; being lifted at all times. It’s the Upside.”