Need a good quality sonic pick-me-up to drive away this dastardly day? Krooked Drivers has it.

The weather is stank outside, it’s cold and lonely inside and the dog just pissed all over our shoes — what could possibly clear up this veritable shit-storm of suck we’ve got going on right now? New music perhaps? We’re glad you asked.

The hip-hop heavy, vinyl-sampling do-gooders in Krooked Drivers may have the cure to what ails us all. Today the talented duo released their “Still Life EP” via Super Best Records, which is now up on various sites for everyone to enjoy responsibly .

It’s a collection ripe for spring and adds plenty of soul-splicing flavors to an otherwise miserable day.

"We always try to tell a story within our music through emotion and energy and what it means to us,” says the act, “which is why we felt this EP was the beginning of something new and beautiful – fitting to be released in the spring."                 

Listen now on Souncloud or click over to their Bandcamp page to download for free (or, you know, toss them some coin) while supplies last. Which will probably last forever, because, well … digital and all of that.

Next Shows Deets:

When: Friday, Apr 10 // Doors @ 8:00pm
Who: XXYYXX, Late Night Radio, The Geek x Vrv and Krooked Drivers
Where: Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom // 2637 Welton St. – Denver, CO
Addl Deets: $20 adv, $25 dos // Ages 16+

When: Thursday, Apr 16 // Doors @ 8:30pm
Who: Supervision & Paul Basic w/ Krooked Drivers
Where: Fox Theatre // 1135 13th St. – Boulder, CO
Addl Deets: $12 adv, $15 dos // Ages 15+