Planes! has an upcoming show at the EXDO Event Center opening up for A$AP MOB and OG Maco this Saturday, Nov 8. Our own RoosterTV will be there live as it plans to be a wild night. We’ll get to see JT, A-Trax and the whole gang as they promise to turn up, no questions asked. Except these.

One of the greatest qualities a musician can possess is the ability to not give a flying fuck. Jeremy “JT” Terrell and Adrian “A-Trax, Ace Boogie” Garcia have crafted this quality together over the past 10 years.

They’ve been rapping alongside one another since both were fresh out of diapers and growing up deep in the Northside. A-Trax and JT’s relationship is illustrated though a cohesive, concentrated style throughout their work. Most recently the two rising locals have crafted Planes! (the exclamation mark is there on purpose), a collective of like-minded individuals and burgeoning creatives.

It’s no secret the two love to work together. We remember seeing and hearing their music during days past and automatically noticed the chemistry between them, almost as if they’d been carved from the same block and fed the same delicacies. It’s that apparent.

Now, it’s their turn to grab a smidge of the spotlight. With a life long partnership in tact, the two hip-hop visionaries are set to take us back to the ‘90s. Or as historians will undoubtedly call it, the “pre-Myspace era.”

Next Tuesday, Nov 11, JT is set to release his latest work in the form of a mixtape entitled “1994”. While it will stand as a solo project (differentiating from past collaborative projects with Planes!), it still has heavy Planes! influence. A-Trax produced over half of the album and took care of the cover art.

JT is known for flexing his voice when he is given a chance to showcase sincere rapping abilities. His flow, concepts, and energy never goes unnoticed. The mixtape is aptly titled for its old school sensibilities, focuses on original sounds and traditions of the genre (samples, heavy rhyming, ect.).

Planes! also has an upcoming show at the EXDO Event Center opening up for A$AP MOB and OG Maco this Saturday, Nov 8. Our own RoosterTV will be there live as it plans to be a wild night. We’ll get to see JT, A-Trax and the whole gang as they promise to turn up, no questions asked.

Except these:

How long have you two known each other?

JT+A: Since the 5th grade, so about 10 years. We started rapping that same year on a karaoke machine recording our songs on tapes.

Where in Colorado did you grow up?

JT: I’ve lived all over Denver but born and raised in the Northside
Ace: I’ve been in the Northside my whole life.

How do you guys craft a unique sound for the Planes!?

JT+A: It came together slowly through time. As the group came together we just never gave a fuck about anything, and we just wanted to make music that we would listen to even if nobody else did, and pay respect to the artist that we grew up on.

Was there a certain angle you took on this project?

JT: When I made it, I pretty much knew I wanted it to be a mixtape of all samples and more of that original Hip Hop style. Also, I wasn't trying nothing new or experimenting with my style, I was just sticking to what I'm good at. Raw flows and classic beats, kinda like Biggie in '94.

What do you hope this project accomplishes?

JT: Definitely just gain the respect I feel I deserve in the Denver rap scene as well as gaining exposure for my crew and I. I want people to see the talent we have and what we bring to the table.

Did you listen to any music in particular during the creation of this album?

JT: Three of my all time favorite albums that made me want to start doing music in the first place, Redman “Muddy Waters,” Notorious B.I.G “Ready To Die,” Rap-A-Lot “10th Anniver-sary”.

Who influences your musical approach the most?

JT: Redman, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Gucci, Cam'Ron and of course Kanye and Jay Z … and you can't forget the BasedGod.

What is the most important aspect about your music that makes you unique?

JT: Me personally, I feel like its my lyrics, flow, and delivery. I've pretty much perfected the art of rap and I’m not afraid to let people know.

Can you describe how you view the hip-hop industry today, and what lane you see yourself in?

JT: Honestly, I’m unimpressed with most of today’s artists, but I do find light in a lot of underground rappers. As for the lane I find myself in, I feel like were creating our own lane that maybe hasn't been seen before. Id be lying if I said I didn't want to make money like Jay Z, but I’m not planning on selling out to do so either. I’ll just take the cards God deals me and see what happens.

Is there any top-secret info about the project you can give The Rooster?

JT: I don't want to reveal to much, but if you’re a ‘90s kid, it'll bring you back to that ‘90s style of hip-hop that we all know and love. And if you’ve never heard JT or Planes! be prepared to have your mind blown.

On “1994”, you (Ace) play a big aspect in the production. How do you craft the right sound, having known JT for so long?

Ace: I feel like it comes natural for both of us because we have grown up together and listen to the same artists. I knew what type of sound he was looking for in this mixtape and it was the style we both grew up on so it kinda just came to me natural.

How did you get your start producing?

Ace: My brother downloaded FL Studios back in the 5th grade and I just started playing with it and taught myself how to use it. By the time I was a Junior in high school I was making full out beats that I would use for my own music and mixtapes. I just kept growing with help from a Digital Audio Production program I took my senior year and just working with different artists and producers these past few years.

You handled the artwork for “1994,” where did that inspiration come from?

Ace: We knew we wanted something more ‘old school’ and raw looking so we found that record spot at the Basementalism Radio Station up in Boulder when we were doing an interview. It just worked out perfectly and JT trusts me 100 percent with everything else because we like the same things. I just wanted that ‘90s feel.

Is it difficult going from rapping for your own full album to just helping out with the production? You must want to rap on every beat.

Ace: No, not at all, it’s actually much easier. I love rapping, but I rather use my creativity for beats, graphic designs, and music videos. I still rap whenever I have a beat that really inspires me, but I know JT or Lex (Lennex Dublyn is another Planes! member) won't ever let me down verse wise so it’s actually hard to keep up with them. I just want to make the best music we can possibly make.

You have an upcoming show with A$AP Mob and OG Maco. Can we expect to hear some of the mixtape then?

JT+A: You won't hear any because the songs are more of that ‘90s hip hop boom bap style, and for A$AP we wanted to turn up the whole set with our more wild music.

What is next for the Planes!?

JT+A: After “1994” we’re planning on dropping our 2nd album spring 2015. We don't want to reveal too much about it now, but just know it's gonna be hot and full of head banging drug dealing/using music. (laughs)

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