What happens when a man and woman can't purchase IKEA furniture and get pelted by strangers with colors?

Rose Quartz. We’ll say that name again: Rose Quartz.

Everyone will need to remember that name come test time, because before long we won’t have the pleasure of calling the act “local” any longer. Making some of the best music this state has to offer, the synth-rock duo continually defies what it means to be an “up and coming” band. Recently it launched the video for its “Leaving Now” music video — and of course it came without disappointment.

"Leaving Now" is great — we all expected that — but the accompanying video is also something to be admired. The overall story of the couple in it is up for interpretation, so we did the thinking work for you …

The story of the video, in our heads, goes something like this: The man in the video, we’ll name him Gregory, is coming back to his girlfriend, Flora, with what would appear to be distressing news. While out, Gregory discovered that there is, in fact, no IKEA in the city they live in. Alas, Flora desperately wanted an IKEA bookshelf for their shitty — but terribly expensive — apartment. Upon the breaking of such horrendous news, Flora freaks the F out and whips out a domestic violence card on Gregory. “Fuck this domestic violence in my life,” whispers Gregory to himself as he storms out in sweet jean threads. Meanwhile, Flora leaves too, and they both get pelted with colorful smoke by sheisty strangers because that’s what happens in real life … and then. Shit, this is getting long … then they fall in love again because both of them hate smoke wielding strangers and desire IKEA furniture. The end.

Also, here's a photo of an actual rose quartz. Always thirst for knowledge!