Dabble in the mysterious and thrilling? Open your eyes for a musical recipe from local pop artist RoxyLeeHeart with a high-scoring creep factor, which she says was inspired by "too much Law & Order SVU." If that's even a real thing?

Is it a bad thing when coming in this close to Halloween all we can think about are sliding scales of creep factors and won’t dare look past anything with a tone of horror? Actually, it’s exactly this most days of the year, but now we can be open about it and not get those beguiling stares from our loved ones. There isn’t a time in the year where it’s more acceptable to be the black sheep, and we acknowledge every moment of it.

The recent release from local pop artist RoxyLeeHeart should be right up everyone’s alley that dabbles in the dark this time of year like we do. It’s seven teaspoons of creepy with a dash of horrifying all nimbly layered with sexy and fashionable. Toss it with steamy effects and “Animal” is what’s for dinner.

She claims the inspiration for the video stemmed from a pleasure of watching too much Law & Order. To us that’s a misnomer, because in life, can there really be too much Law & Order?

“When I heard the music, all I could think of was this hunt or a chase,” says Heart. “I watch way too much Law & Order SVU, and the song kind of unfolded like an episode of SVU as I was writing it. So I knew I wanted the video to have that murder mystery/thriller vibe. I was also inspired visually by the opening scene of Little Shop of Horrors, the way the girls walk through the scene, singing and narrating the story through the city streets. I really liked the concept of an entity who is watching the situation happen but can't really intervene in any way.”

As for building a team to get the video complete, Heart had to look no further than her own family circle. Her husband, Pink & Creepy, directed the video, her brothers-in-law produced it, a best friend worked on the special effects makeup and a quick Facebook post provided actors.

“I am really very lucky to have had the team I had right at my fingertips,” she says. “We all worked so hard on this project. This is our first video, but definitely not the last!”

She says her goal of making music, or any art in general, is to help inspire others and to lead people into a more positive way of thinking. “The world is ours,” says Heart. “We can't take it for granted.”

Asked whether or not we can expect more music out of RoxyLeeHeart in the future, she says the direction of it all is uncertain, but the desire to go further with it than before will forever be a constant.

“At this point it's kind of up in the air,” she says. “I've got two singles in the works, which could potentially turn into an album, but I'm waiting to see what the response is from this video. I think that will help me decide where I'm going next. Either way, I WILL continue working on music and chasing my dreams. It's something that is ingrained in me and I just can't stop without achieving my goals.”

p.s.: We were absolutely and unequivocally view #666 on this. Serendipity! It's gonna be a good Halloween. Boosh!