Listen to a new local hip-hop duo called Goldplated People. Is it fire? It's fire. We know fire.

Goldplated People is a new collaborative duo consisting of Tullie Rap and Black Pegasus (a veteran in the Colorado music industry if ever there were one). They’re currently on a west coast press run while filming for B Real’s (from Cypress Hill) show BReal TV. Amidst it all, the two were able to drop their debut single “Shake It” with an accompanying video.

But the vibe … oh the vibe! It brings us back to simpler times, when JNCO jeans, wallet chains and bleached tips reigned supreme and no song ever dropped without being drenched in a gritty rap/rock puree. That’s not to say Goldplated People are stuck in an era long forgotten with "Shake It," hell mary no! Because as far as we see it, the old-school type of hip-hop/rock hybrid is due for a freshened comeback (because that’s how culture works) and the two of them are just ahead of the game.

Scroll even farther down for a few other tracks from the duo to see what they're all about. Is it fire? It's fire. We know fire.