Step aside Red Rocks, the greatest music venue in the world is now Casa Bonita.

It’s a magical place we have here in Colorado — one with its own legend and lore. The established mainstay sits slightly west of the big city and radiates certain hues of red beneath the state’s famed 300 days of sunshine. As a historical venue, its stage is one artists from all over the world one day hope to reach as a testament to their own successes. We’re talking of course about Casa Bonita …

In what is possibly the most Colorado thing to happen this month so far, the Underground Music Showcase, along with its title sponsor Schomp Mini, released the first episode of three in its “Denver Sounds” promotional series. This edition takes the Denver punk outfit Spells to the famed eatery and allows the band to partake in its usual acts of buck-wildness.

For more: Catch the next two installments via Denver Post's Reverb featuring Julie Davis & Joseph Pope — and later Ian Cooke — each act performing at different (but still very Colorado-y) landmarks.