"I wanted to make an album that you can lose yourself in …" says Michal Menert.

Colorado’s father of electro-soul, Michal Menert, released his highly anticipated full-length album last week titled “Space Jazz.” This is his third studio album in a decade-long career as an electronic producer, composer and performer — and is also part of the growing library in his own Super Best Records catalog.

"I wanted to make an album that you can lose yourself in, with subtle details throughout and a narrative dictated by feelings so that the listener is taken on a journey guided by the vibes from one track to the next, says Menert in a recent press release. “The end result is one of my proudest offerings, and the most cohesive work I've every released."

The album — which comes some 3 years after his last “Even If It Isn’t Right” collection — goes heavy with deep personal and emotional melodies/lyrics — a calling card to Menert’s style. In it he brings fellow musical workhorses Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic), Paul Basic, RA the Rugged Man and many others to quilt together a career defining work of hip-hop, soul, funk and electronic fusion.

The album can be downloaded for free (or whatever, throw him a few ducats) via his Soundcloud page, or streamed here for your dreary Monday afternoon enjoyment — also scroll below for RoosterTV's "My Story" with Menert shot a few months back …