Roniit's new video is on fire!

So Roniit (row-neat) isn’t exactly local anymore — she recently moved to LA because she loves all the traffic — but seeing as how a Colorado crew shot the video for “Runaway” here in town, we’re giving it the Local Love stamp of approval anyways.

And we’d be remiss not to share something this scorching hot. We’ve done burned all our damned keys off just watching it!

"[After having your heart broken], you want to stay in the dark," she tells Interview Magazine of the video. "You're so confused and hurt because you're utterly shocked. This video is so abstract and I'm not technically anywhere; I wanted to evoke a 'in your own head' feeling. As the song progresses, the video becomes brighter as we move from phase one of grief [and] shock into phase two, which is denial."

She says the initial song was based off of a friend’s breakup experience, but after getting the final mix her heart was shattered into bits (as the glass shows in the video. IMAGERY!!) and so it became a self-fulfilling prophecy of her own.

Heartbreak makes for the best art, however, so we have whatever stupid, stupid person who split with her to thank for this one.