Photos & words by Kelia Anne MacCluskey

Catalina Island is only an hour ferry ride West of Long Beach. I wouldn’t recommend taking the night ferry, as not having a visual reference of the horizon can truly turn ones tummy. 

I arrived after sunset, so the overbearing cliffs weren’t visible until the morning. It is truly a strange town, most people drive golf carts or older ‘safari’ looking vehicles.

It feels small but comfortable.  A short walk around provided so many photogenic opportunities; I wish I had more time. The three days that I spent in Catalina were full of quiet, romantic, cinematic moments.

I witnessed locals and tourists interacting, seemingly intoxicated by their surroundings.

The images I made are quiet and humble. Each image represents a solitary interaction with nature, or a peaceful moment in a dive bar, a quick glance between humans.

I’d go back, without a doubt, but only if I had someone to witness all of the tender moments that present themselves unapologetically.