Lorde is a 16-year-old musical phenomenon that’s been dominating the airwaves over the past few months. Her single “Royals” is on a repetitive journey through the media, partly because of her sophistication and talent in her years, the other, because her music is really fucking good. To boot, her tunes are self-written, a technique we wish all pop idols would embrace.

But while Ella Yelich-O'Connor’s history is not-surprisingly short and undisturbed, it reads much like any kid's fantasy would. An A&R scout discovered her after he witnessed a video of her singing at a school talent show. A year later she was signed to Universal and began working with songwriters. Now, already commanding accolades in her home country of New Zealand, Lorde seeks the attention of Americans, and will have no problem if she keeps putting out singles like her latest “Team,” that released just today.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go clear our search history. In our rush to bring you the single we accidentally typed “single hot 16-yr-old singer” instead of “16-yr-old singer’s hot single” – honest mistake.