We've all bought a lottery ticket or two in our day. And while we'd like to say that we struck millions, the only success we've encountered is a winning dollar or two which we inevitably lost within the next five minutes after we bought another Blazing Bucks ticket. Let's face it, the bastards at the lottery know what they're doing. Casinos aren't that big because they have large, philanthropic hearts. 

These two artists have found a way to take the frowns of losing and turn them upside down by masterfully using the tickets as molding for sculptures of the trinkets you might buy if you actually did win the lottery. Artist couple Adam Eckstrom and Laura Was, graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design, wanted to recycle those losing tickets and transform them into the most glamorous items a lottery winner tends to buy such as: a Hummer, Lamborghini, or tropical vacation, maybe even some speakers. They named their exhibit Ghosts of a Dream.   

While the exhibit isn't cheap, the artists say that all of the tickets are discarded, and our gambling addiction leads us to believe that somewhere in the exhibit, we're almost positive that un-scratched tickets remain. To give you an idea of the work that went into this project, here are the price tags: the Hummer H3 is made of $39,000 worth of discarded lottery tickets, and the tropical island is made of $29,000 worth of those discarded lottery tickets. Damn it, can we scratch yet?