Louis The Child are no strangers to throwing down for throngs of Colorado crowds. Now returning to Red Rocks after headlining in 2019 and playing Decadence for NYE the same year, they must like it here. 

The playfully misleading singular named duo got their start in Chicago as distant high school classmates who met at a Madeon show. Through a shared love of making music, they began to collaborate in 2013. They have gone on to blow up through catchy and cleanly produced singles, EPs, and a debut album, Here For Now, that dropped last year on Interscope. Much of their music features fresh singers, rappers, or vocal samples, which is a creative choice that showcases the versatility and range of their production style. With a platinum single, “Better Not” (featuring Wafia), and a two-day performance at Red Rocks August 26th-27th as the crown jewel in their national tour, it’s safe to say the pair of young DJs continue to put in work. Their resume includes playing damn near every major festival in the US for the past few years. A local following formed by previous stops in Colorado, like Decadence 2017 and other massive events like the X-Games in Aspen, keeps them coming back for more. And patrons can take comfort knowing that part of the tour proceeds are going to Global Wildlife Conservation. Live music and environmentalism? There is still hope for our planet!

Touring extensively for years, Louis The Child have grown their fanbase by producing both a musically trendsetting and commercially palatable sound. Cited inspirations are their recognizable predecessors, Odesza, Flume, Porter Robinson, and Madeon. They’ve certainly followed suit to reach similar levels of success. But starting off in Chicago also heavily shapes certain aspects of the music. Tracks with different vocalists from across the board are as much a key element of their sound as contributing to the crossover of future house, electro, and hip-hop that has proven to be so well-received by fans. Blending these genres and others between vastly unique styles is a virtue that has served them well. They’ve put in the groundwork and played alongside so many big names, all while remaining tuned in to the music by their relevant contemporaries in Chicago. That has proven to be a recipe for success, paired with a creative work ethic where the focus is putting out singles and producing music while on tour to satiate their fans. At times short spoken, popular reception to the music and their commitment to delivering live performances so consistently speaks volumes. On the YouTube video of their 2019 Red Rocks appearance, they share the correct opinion that, “Red Rocks is our favorite venue to play and we had such an amazing time that night.” Gee, I’ve never heard anyone say that before.

We sent them some questions on the day before the first of their two-night run at Red Rocks, with support from What So Not, Goth Babe, Elderbrook. Here’s what they had to say:

Rooster: Strangest thing to happen so far:  

Louis The Child: 3 live bears got on stage at a show. Nobody was injured.

Favorite touring pastime: 

Talking with fans after the show.

What’s your favorite part about playing Red Rocks? 

You feel like you're on another planet. The energy is always insane and it's really cool to look up at the crowd instead of out at them. 

What can people expect from Louis The Child during this show?  

A lot of new music and reimaginations of old songs. More high energy than our shows in the past. 

It’s great to see that a portion of the ticket sales are going to Global Wildlife Conservation, why this organization and why now? 

We feel it's important to use our platform to help do good in the world. The climate crisis is very real and important to us. We donated to Global Wildlife Conservation on our last tour and felt it was something we should continue to do on this tour as well. A dollar from every ticket on the whole tour is donated so in the end it adds up to a lot.

While in Denver, are you excited for any specific Colorado restaurant staples? Any places you need to go?  

RH: I stopped by the Clyfford Still Museum. He's one of my favorite artists so that museum was a must see for me. I got some high school friends who live out here, so I always try to see them and have them show me some good food. I wish the Rockies were playing while we're in town because I've always wanted to go to Coors Field. Next time.

What makes Colorado one of the best electronic scenes to play in the country? 

The people just know how to get down. Simple as that.