A little over 10 years ago, you couldn't mention weed in a coherent sentence without getting a bucket full of judging side-eye from both conservatives and liberals alike. No one wanted in on that game aside from Deadhead hippies and that sketchy dude who wasn't enrolled in your school but was somehow always there and showing up to parties with the same hoodie on.

Back then, only 35 percent of Democrats wanted to see any kind of legalization efforts in place, while 20 percent of Republicans felt the same way — according to a recent Gallup poll

But it's 2017 now — what difference a few years behind us can make. As of recently, 72 percent of lefties want nationwide legalization. And shockingly, for the first time ever, a majority of righties feel the same way — 51 percent.

This is likely to be a thorn in the side of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his bros in the White House. From the sounds of their carefully prodded wording, neither of them are looking for full legalization efforts across the board — some (including the president) only alluding to a medical application. You know, where they can make the most money by pushing it through Big Pharma's doors.

We digress.

However, the industry itself is now projected to be a $24 billion injection to the economy in less than 10 years and will soon provide more jobs than manufacturing, according to Forbes. For a party big on both money and jobs, they'll be hard-pressed to take any real action against cannabis anytime in the near future — especially now that a majority of the administration's party supports it. 

Kind of puts that whole they're coming for our weed hysteria to bed now, doesn't it?

[cover photo: DrugPolicy.org]