It's almost possible, and an absurd amount of men are willing to give it a shot.

Pregnancy as a whole is a fairly daunting task, to say the least. Extreme hormonal shifts, pain, nausea and body changes overtake pregnant women, not to mention the sort of basic fear and peculiarity of the entire situation. Regardless, a strangely large number of men out there are a little jealous that females are hogging all the glory and are eager to have their own personal nine-month hell.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, humans are closer than ever to an era when men are just as able to carry children and give caesarian births as women are.

“My guess is five, 10 years away, maybe sooner,” notes Dr. Karine Chung, a director at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine.

As one could imagine, women have a distinct biological advantage over men seeing as they were evolutionarily equipped for the job; however, many procedures are already in place to negate the previous hindrances of a male pregnancy. As noted by Yahoo Health:

  • Hormone therapy can shut off testosterone and introduce progesterone and estrogen needed to prepare the uterus for pregnancy.
  • Even though males do not have uterine veins and arteries needed to nurture the womb, it’s possible to attach a branch of a large vessel, like the internal iliac, to the uterus.
  • Although it’s preferable for a vagina to support the uterus, it’s possible to attach a transplanted uterus to other ligaments in the pelvis.

Since the science aspect is out of the way, now all we need are a few guinea pigs. Oddly enough there are many guys out there chomping at the bit for a shot. Here are just a few testimonials from the message board “I Want to be a Pregnant Man:”

BOB (Senegal)
"I've dreamed about this my entire life. Sign me up! I think I'd be a fantastic father in every way possible. And now I can participate in literally every step of my child's life … from the embryo on up!"

SYLVIE (France)
"When Remy heard about Male Pregnancy, he insisted that he carry our next child!"

JERRY (United States)
"My wife is a partner at a law firm, and we decided a long time ago that it would be very difficult for her to take a pause in her career to have children. Since my job is more flexible, I could definitely take the time to carry the child instead of her! Male Pregnancy is perfect for our lifestyle!"

ANONYMOUS (United States)
"I am a male who wishes he could get pregnant. Actually, wishing is a word too light I think. I want to be pregnant, it's been my core desire for years. I want to be pregnant so bad it hurts. I glare at my flat, womb less stomach at times and cry.

At this point in my life there is nothing else that turns me on any longer. I cannot help it but obsess over the thought of it. I don't see the point of having sex if I cannot get pregnant."

KHALID (United States)
"This is a dream of mine. I can't believe it."

Chase your dreams, Khalid–then maybe try more of a waddle and remember, you asked for it…