A New Zealand man is unhappy with his insurance payout after he burnt down his house by trying to cook steak in a toaster and leaving the residence to get fries.


For the record, the article from Newshub actually used the word “chips,” and we had to do an entire google search to clarify that we were actually talking french fries. Who wants potato chips with their steak? If we went to a restaurant and got the ribeye and then it was served with Lay’s Ruffles and we later learned said steak was broiled in a toaster, our fucking head would explode.


Anyway, this guy put a cut of meat in his toaster, left it there to get french fries and came back to his house in flames, and is now saying that his $400,000 payout isn’t enough to repair the damages done to his house.


It makes us a little nervous. We make grilled cheeses by flipping our toaster sideways like twice a week. This winter, we’ve been leaving our blender on all night just because the white noise helps us sleep.