Drinking in moderation is overrated. 

It's time for a little you time. You've given back to society far too often and now it's time that you debit that kindness account by giving yourself the gift of a personal keg. That's right, you'll have a keg of your finest craft beer, on tap at all hours of the day. Remove the cumbersome orange juice and milk from the sidedoor, and replace those devil mixtures with a cold, personal keg of beer. The Mancan 128, which is slated to be introduced at this year's Great American Beer Festival, is changing the way people drink craft beer at home and on the go. The indestructible 64oz and 128oz keg-style growler alternatives hold carbonation pressure and lock out air preserving craft beer (and other beverages) much longer than traditional packaging. What are you waiting for? Be a selfish bastard, get your presonal keg and start taking over the world… like you always intended on doing.