The Leaf Blower Beer Chug is something impressionable youths have jumped on in the past when there's literally nothing else to do in their small dumpy towns. 

But a guy who goes by the name of L.A. BEAST has taken the challenge one step further, forcing six beers worth of liquid down his throat with a homemade contraption made of not much more than a few bucks of tubing from the hardware store and a Ryobi battery-operated leaf blower.

He says he got the idea from another YouTube video, which shows someone else doing about the same thing but in more time than what BEAST does in the video below. To do so, he trained himself to open up his throat while cheap beer is displaced from one bottle and into his stomach. From our 3 minutes worth of Googling, it appears like he's the first and only to do it … so far.

The results are, well, both impressive and completely terrifying at the same time. …