Mexican man Roberto has a half meter weiner which leaves him unable to work, pray, or get laid.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 52, is a Mexican man with a 48.2 centimeter long penis. That’s just shy of 19 inches. It literally swings between his knees when he walks. Oh, and the tip circumference is 25 centimeters, or 10 inches

… Are humans allowed to enter the #Junkoff?

Though his mammoth manhood has sparked global interest, Roberto says that his dick is literally too big to work with. He cannot perform normal job duties, so he lives in church-run housing facilities and scrounges up meals using his penis to search for dropped food on the ground.

No women want to be with him for fear of his meat sword. And he doesn’t go to church anymore, because if he knelt to pray he would squash his anaconda between his knees.

But, things are looking up! All the attention has sparked the interest of Dr. Philip Werthman, the director of the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Vasectomy Reversal in LA. Dr. Werthman heard some English-language reports that most of this apex appendage was excess skin. He thinks Roberto might be helped by something akin to a “very big circumcision.”

Roberto hopes to be recognized for his super huge sausage in the Guinness Book of World Records. But, Guinness informed him that there is no such category, so we’ll just make our own rankings. Roberto’s only competition is Jonah Falcon, a man with a measly 13.5 inch penis.

Oh and to hush the haters, Roberto released an x-ray of his member for all interested parties to see. That was nice of him, because he could have just bludgeoned the doubtful with his war club.

Some English reports say that Roberto is “considering” doing porn, and the original article quotes him as saying he’d “like to make millions of dollars marketing his porn around the world” (Thanks high school Spanish!). Roberto already looks like a Mexican Ron Jeremy, so we think it’s a perfect idea for the world’s most endowed man. He could pole-vault his way out of poverty. Vivid Entertainment has even offered to pay for his correctional surgery, so it's looking like he's a lot closer to his porn dream than we thought.

But the real question is: Can he get really rouse that sleeping giant? We can only hope that there are enough boner pills and O-negative blood in the world to make this underdog dream a reality.