Marriott puts millennials on fleek with a new hotel layout that’s about as hip and trendy as a Hard Rock café.

Another millennial-themed design that will most likely fail due to overzealous C-suiters thinking millennials enjoy kitschy pop culture references and social media connectivity around every corner. Can we stop with the stereotypical millennial branded products? It’s over.

Marriott obviously missed the message and somehow decided to put millennials on fleek with a new hotel layout that’s about as hip and trendy as a Hard Rock café. Sitting at the confluence of business travel and entitled millennial, the Moxy Hotels from Marriott bring an experience strategically designed for the attention-depleted millennial.

The main lobby of the hotel offers board and arcade games as well as a bar for the casual drinker looking for small talk and a status update. To really adapt to the millennial, Moxy partnered with Zia records for their music themed space, which has guitars, record players and vinyl records in the guest rooms. Don’t most millennials play a sensual guitar ballad whenever possible?

Continuing the theme, the hotel conference room décor includes Led Zeppelin and The Who themes — because everyone knows that the music preference of someone who grew up in the 90’s is classic rock.

Just when it seemed like millennials wouldn’t have a chance to take a break from the fun happenings in order to snap a photo for their social media accounts, the hotel came to the rescue by installing 24/7 photo booths in every elevator complete with props for selfies. Is it us or is Moxy is starting to feel like the bar mitzvah from hell?

Add in the rotary phones in each room that offer bedtime stories read by celebrity voices and we can honestly say this could quite possibly be our living nightmare. Did we mention the hotel created a signature scent that’s blown through the vents?