MartyParty built us a relevant playlist to listen to before hitting the streets for another night of debauchery.

When he’s not on Snapchat sharing cooking secrets, writing a recurring column for Vice’s THUMP, or keeping it as real as any artist can in exclusive interviews, Miami-based DJ MartyParty is entertaining the world over, unhinging venue rooftops along the way. As one-half of the celebrated duo PANTyRAID (which is working on a new album now, fyi), MartyParty brings his high-energy electronic trap/hip-hop vibe to Cervantes’ Masterpiece on Thursday, Jan 7. Before he does, he built us a relevant playlist for our readers to listen to before hitting the streets for another night of debauchery.

Note: Due to streaming copyright issues, Marty's tracklist has been split into two parts via SoundCloud and YouTube. See the full tracklist at the bottom of the interview or in this month's issue of The Rooster, and view the rest of the tracks on the YouTube embed. Enjoy!

What have you been getting yourself into lately? Staying out of trouble?

"Spent October in LA creating the next PANTyRAiD album with Ooah in his studio, then November spent in Miami at my studio creating the MARTyPARTy RedHot album — both will come out in early 2016. December I did some sick shows at Art Basel and at Lake Tahoe, hanging in Miami through the new year and then touring Colorado and the Northwest in early January. I just constantly compose music, travel to shows, play my music for the fans, stay in shape, kick it at the beach, cook myself as much as possible, and generally stay on point."

What are some of your thoughts on the current era of dance music?

"I'm loving the new underground movements, new sounds and modest talent everywhere rising through the traditional channels of music lovers and music and vibe followers. Mainstream and popular music has been pretty lame the last few cycles, probably due to the explosion of the Internet and the monetization of visibility that followed. People were just not getting access to the true artists and creators and were only being exposed to the aftermarket reusers, DJs, and general sell outs.

But I've stayed in the hole with the real musicians that actually form the new sounds and the new dances — we are a tight knit circle, and don’t really concern ourselves with popularity. We are artists. Im stoked to feel the rise of the artist again, and the flow is heading back to quality creations being heard by more. I feel at the end of 2015 we are exiting the 'hands in the air' circus show and loudness war and heading into the head down, hip dance, get down cycle of dance music. The era of the glorified DJ is ending, and the era of the multi-genre, multi-sound composer/producer party starting dance maker is upon us."

How about the Grammys, anything you want to say about those?

"Love the Grammy concept — I think they are seeing electronic songwriting as a legitimate contender for album and song awards and were revolutionary in pushing electronic music up into the spotlight. Hopefully this trend will continue and they wont look at numbers, which are monetized in modern times, and rather look at musical quality and timelessness which is where music critique belongs. The new PANTyRAiD album we just wrote, and is coming out soon, should be considered for album of the year. [laughs] It's that good. We produced singers, and put a lot of effort in making a well rounded, timeless piece of work, which is how we roll."

How's your cooking coming along? Any new tricks of the trade you want to give our readers?

"Cooking like mad. Mixing music and food is what I do, its the same skill, half experimentation, half practice, a touch of madness. I am all about inventing new ways to prepare and serve healthy food and have put together quit a set of recipes and dishes that I prepare for myself and my friends as often as possible. Im in my zone when I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for myself and its all fresh ingredients and delicious tastes. Its another art form I am passionate about."

What do we have to look forward from the future of MARTyPARTy?

"Great things. Working with many new singers, producing pop, hip-hop, downtempo, house and always making new MARTyPARTy bangers for my live sets. I'm with Madison House Agency out of Colorado now, and they have always been my dream agency as they focus on the art and less on the hype, which I've never been about. So that match is going great, and I'm getting to play my live one-of-a-kind sets of original creations to fans and crowds and rooms that know whats up. Its a blissful thing. This year I'll be releasing new MARTyPARTy tracks, the new PANTyRAiD album, touring MARTyPARTy and PANTyRAiD with Ooah, and just keeping the movement going. Im a songwriter, so my goal is to write songs for great artists, and to write songs that make my fans get goosebumps — electronic opera is my game and thats what I do.

Only love for Colorado, true music lovers."

Catch MartyParty at:

Denver, Cervantes – Jan 7
Vail, Samana Lounge – Jan 8
Frisco, Barkley – Jan 10

Pregame Playlist Full Tracklist:

1. Trentemøller – “Moan”
2. Coldcut & Hexstatic – “Timber (Future 3 Rework)”
3. MartyParty – “Simon Says”
4. Loefah – “Rufage”
5. Kiasmos – “Burnt”
6. MartyParty – “Until We Bleed Remix”
8. PANTyRAiD – “Like That”
9. Lil Wayne – “Pussy Money Weed (MartyParty remix)”
10. Aphex Twin – “Ageispolis”
11. Rihanna – “Pour It Up (PANTyRAiD Remix)“
12. Gucci Mane – “Trap House”
13. MartyParty – “Strictly Business”
14. Primal Intent – “Minimal City“
15. MartyParty – “Pretty Thoughts”