“Dream-like Art-ception” is probably how we’d describe Melissa meier’s photography, but she calls it “contemporary surreal portrait-photography.” Either way, her photos aren’t just artsy modeling shots — they’re actual art displays in-and-of themselves. They exhibit her hand-made organic-material masks and regalia in moody, emotional scenes, invoking mythos, mystery, madness, curiosity and, in some cases, outright fear. It’s art, wrapped and bundled up in art, presented as one, singular, art. It’s wonderful. It’s emotional. It’s creepy as hell sometimes, and that’s why we love it. 


Meier says, she was drawn to creating wearable constructions made from organic materials, but felt the need to document them because they would slowly degrade and decompose. She plans her creations out, sketching her vision of the item. But the final photographic images — the fruits of her photoshoots — are never knowable or predictable. 


“In essence,” she says “The photography [brings] the constructions to life.” 



She speaks to her audiences in the languages of fashion, flesh and nature. She’s interested in portraying the power, fragility, and sensuality of women, in exploring the intersection of feminine sensuality and badassery — in making people feel like they’re lost in Pan’s Labyrinth. And damn-it if she isn’t a master of her craft.