How do we reward insane murderers in America? Well as long as they have creative lawyers, by accommodating their every need, even if it costs taxpayers a hefty chunk of change.

On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that Massachusetts provide a sexual-reassignment surgery for a transsexual inmate, Michelle Kosilek, currently serving a life sentence for murdering his/her wife. After decades of petitioning the Department of Corrections for the operation as the only possible treatment for her severe gender identity disorder, her lawyers were recently successful by their manipulation of the Eighth Amendment. The amendment, prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment, couple with research that transgender inmates are 13 times more likely to be sexually assaulted (2009, University of CA, Irvine) has provided a basis of reasoning that denying such a surgery would be in violation of the Eighth Amendment.

During her incarceration, she has twice attempted suicide and even tried to castrate himself (into herself.) While this is all very sad, Massachusetts taxpayers would probably be more sympathetic if Michelle Kosilok, formerly Robert Kosilek, sought treatment for his/her gender-identity disorder before murdering his/her wife.

Massachusetts taxpayers are less than thrilled at the ruling of having to cover the cost of such a surgery, which can range from $25,000 to $80,000 between operations, therapy, hormone injections, and electrolysis. We understand their concern, but why waste tens of thousands of dollars on something useful like education, when instead we can make a single American murderer happy.