There hasn’t been a whole lot of news worth celebrating in the last few years, but on December 29th of 2021 I was popping champagne down here in the Rooster’s mailroom, getting drunk on satisfaction and high on hope. And not because of the New Year and all my half-assed resolutions, mind you. But because Ghislaine Maxwell, high society socialite, part-time girlfriend and full-time partner-in-pedo-crime of one Jeffery “Didn’t Kill Himself” Epstein, was convicted—GUILTY!—and is soon to be sentenced. It’s the end of chapter in a long saga that’s been ongoing since the ‘90’s and through the 2000’s, as she and ‘Ol Jeff partied with the likes of Bill Clinton, Donald and Melania Trump, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates and Les Wexner. They were, for all intents and purposes, pedophile pimps for society’s elite. But they were also spies running an elaborate honey-pot black-mail operation. Whether for the CIA or Mossad or some other non-national player, we don’t know and likely never will. But when the CIA raided Epstein’s island (AKA “Orgy Island;” AKA “Pedo Island”) they left with boats full of hard drives, DVD’s, and computers that were filled with incriminating video evidence of some of the world’s most powerful players, abusing underage girls. Too bad that will never see the light of day. 

But at least we have Maxwell’s conviction (and likely “suicide”) to toast to. So cheers, readers. This was a long time coming. 

The Arrest

She was on the run, hiding from the law. Perhaps in Paris? Or maybe Massachusetts? And what about that photo of her reading at an In’N’Out? Was Ghislaine in SoCal? No one had a clue. Then, almost a year to the day after Epstein didn’t kill himself in a high-security jail in Manhattan, Ghislaine Maxwell was finally hunted down and arrested. Turned out, she’d been hunkering down with her hubby—yes, Maxwell apparently has a husband, who has somehow maintained total anonymity through all of this—hiding out  in a $1 million country mansion in New Hampshire. T’was a bougy residence, but the poor woman was imprisoned there, unable to leave as an international fugitive of justice. She spent her days Redditting like a mad woman (see u/Maxwellhill, who modded r/Worldnews, r/Cyberlaws, r/Environment and other prominent subs) from a phone wrapped in tin foil. Until the Feds came a’knocking. 

Trial of the ‘phile

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear before we even get to the trial: no one has seen a mugshot of Maxwell yet. So, it’s still not certain she was even actually arrested. That being said, over the holidays in December she was supposedly convicted on five out of six counts—the most serious of which, “Sex Trafficking a Minor” carries a minimum 40 year sentence. Maxwell is 60. So, chances are she’ll never return to her high society life. And The Powers That Be are already taking steps to make sure she doesn’t talk. Remember the guards who were supposed to be watching Epstein (the ones who were shopping online while the most high-profile prisoner in America) “hung himself”? Coincidentally, on the exact same day as Maxwell’s guilty conviction, all of the charges against those guards were dropped. Which is a pretty clear message to Ghislaine: Keep your mouth shut, or your guards will get off scot-free too. 


There’s no indication that Ghislaine Maxwell is going to start “naming names.” As the age old adage goes: snitches get strangled to death by government hitmen. However, Ghislaine lived a lavish luxury life right up to the day she was arrested. Federal prison is going to be a culture shock to her… Who knows? Maybe that’s enough to loosen her tight lips. Either way, she’s now a liability to some of the most powerful people in the world. And we all know how that ends. So let’s take bets—how’s it going to go down? 

“Hangs herself” – Maybe. But it would be pretty flagrantly obvious. 

“Shoots herself in the head twice” – It’s not impossible. Just look up Gary Webb. 

“COVID” – This would be the easy excuse. Too easy, perhaps. 

“Chokes on broken hyoid bone” – Shit happens. 

“Shanked by another inmate” – Pedophiles are targets in prison, anyway.

“Self starvation.” – She’s lost access to dietary staples like caviar and wagyu beef, after all.

“Released for good behavior.” – Let’s be real, her sentence is going to get diminished, and maybe in a few years time she’s a free-woman, on her way to meet up with Epstein on his new island. 

Wilder’s word

I wish we could have learned more from Maxwell’s trial about her and Epstein’s honey pot operation, or the people who’d been lured into it. I wish that the evidence confiscated from Epstein’s pedo-island would have surfaced, that Big Names could have come out of Maxwell’s rolodex knowledge of compromising secrets. However, that was not the point of her trial—the point of her trial was to get justice for four victims brave enough to actually testify that Epstein and Maxwell had abused them. And that seems to have been achieved: Jeff is dead and Ghislaine is going to prison. Those four victims will be compensated. The whole world will sigh with relief and move on… But we know better. Because we know there are other Ghislaine Maxwells and Jeffery Epsteins out there, catering to the same circles and supplying for the same demand. And you can bank that they won’t be making the same mistakes as their predecessors.