Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel has painted in over 25 cities, decorated some of the most beautiful buildings and created a name for himself that stands out as one of the best in the mural game right now. We talked with the Okuda San Miguel to get a taste of what it's like to be at the top of your game. 


If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
A zebra. Because she is stylish and looks like a mixture of natural and digital. Love it!

Watching your Instagram, it’s wild how much you get done in such a short amount of time. How do you manage the insane schedule?
Because I have a great team behind me, Ink and Movement, which takes care of everything around my art so I can focus on creating.

How many cities would you say you’ve painted in this year?
Around 25 or 30.

Any favorite moments of 2018 so far?
Maybe when my biggest sculpture yet started to burn in an incredible fireworks show in Valencia, Spain — it was in March for a local festivity called Fallas. And a few days ago, I presented my biggest sculpture project to date: 7 big pieces at Seaport Boulevard in Boston. It was so nice!

What is it about the bright geometric style you have that attracts you to it?
I can create volume forms without fading, just using flat triangles. It is funny how I can geometrize everything I want. And because I love the play with surrealistic compositions and landscapes with the digital 3D bodies and faces that I get with the triangles.

Do you dream in these kinds of colors when you sleep?
Yes! But mixed with real ones. And I can see all the words I am writing now in different colors, each one.

What about getting paint off your hands; do you have any secrets on how to do it?
[laughs] Hot water in the shower.

Who are the up and coming artists you’re watching closely right now?
There are a lot … I recently met the work of Super Future Kid and Bruno Pontiroli. And I closely follow young artists such as Sebas Belasco, Kristen Liu Wong, Dan Lan Sopopomo, Lauren Ceval, Yoh Nagao …

What’s a dream installation for you? In the White House? Louvre? Denny’s bathroom?
I would like to do a big show inside Museo del Prado, with only interpretation paintings and sculptures based on *the garden of earthly delights* masterpiece by Bosch. I also want to do a big animal sculpture where people could live inside of it, a mix between sculpture and architecture. Also, doing a big show inside a classic building like the Royal Palace in Madrid or Versailles — transforming the outside with ephemeral structures. And I would love to build the temple, or something big, for the Burning Man festival.

Any special projects you’ve got coming up you want to let us in on?
We are on the way to build new big sculptures for public spaces in countries like Russia, United States, Emirates and China. We are planning to do an audiovisual experience for festivals with electronic music mixed with my interactive art installations. Stay tuned, more news soon. Can’t wait to dance between my artworks!

This month you’ll be showcasing in Denver — what’s so special about this show?
This is the first time I’ve mixed photos with paint. And it is my first show that talks about a real and modern problem like the plastic islands in our oceans. I am doing sculptures mixing fiberglass, epoxy and plastic trash.

You excited to come back to Denver?
Yes. I have very good regards of this city after doing the Cannabis Church, which I loved. I miss those Elevationist guys …

Shameless plug(s):
I want to invite everyone to follow my projects, news and my life in my instagram @okudart. And I want to send all my positive energy and love to all the people that feel my art and are reading this interview. And of course I want to invite them all to my new show at Mirus gallery, opening November 24!