The struggle of a vocal minority’s quest to shame WalMart into good behavior has done little to detract shoppers away from the incessant pull of rolled back prices. If anything, the daily attention has managed to keep the behemoth relevant, thus perpetuating the cycle of excess in our paltry and easily satisfied lives.

While we wouldn’t dare admit in public that our shopping habits generally fall into its penny-pinching grasp, we do secretly concede that we sneak around from time to time looking for the best deals on what would make us look unique and progressive to judging eyes when they visit. We hide behind masks of self-loathing acceptance while pushing the one directionally challenged cart through the icky aisles.

Or perhaps they’re all broken. “Working shopping cart wheels on aisle 23,” they should say – and just fix the fucking thing.

We’re not proud of it, but we sure as shit don’t mind having a few extra bucks to burn because of it. Let’s all say it together now, “We are all People of WalMart.”

Ft. Collins bred indie rock outfit Wire Faces aren’t afraid to admit that they, too, are the people of WalMart. The act recently gave us hesitant shoppers something to relate to with its music video for the single “Chain of Command.” If ever there was any question on the perspective of those directionally challenged buggies, this video solves it.

Download the single for free (or spend what was saved on all those rolled back prices) via its Bandcamp widget below the video.