Last week, Meow Wolf Denver announced that it would have adult only nights throughout January and February, giving anyone 21 and up a chance to drink alcohol while exploring Convergence Station without the risk of having to maintain eye contact with a 7-year-old while they’re absolutely tripping balls.

Indeed, many prayers across the Denver Metro Area have been answered as we’re all granted the opportunity to explore the world-famous psychedelic art compound at complete ease without the possibility of being surrounded by a stranger’s offspring while your face quietly melts off your own body.

“Meow Wolf invites adults to The Adulti-Verse to enjoy a not-so-hyper space—with a cocktail and without the little ones—from 6 to 10pm on the first and last Wednesdays of the month,” reads a press release.

The release goes on to add that although no proof of vaccination is required, masks must still be worn at all times when guests aren’t eating or drinking.

With the first location opening in Santa Fe in 2016 and its second location opening in Las Vegas earlier this year, Convergence Station is Meow Wolf’s third permanent location, and we almost guarantee there is no better place to accidentally get separated from your girlfriend with a head full of acid.

Featuring four floors and the works of more than 110 Colorado-based artists, Convergence Station is on par to be the number one Denver-based location to have a panic attack from eating too many Sativa edibles hours before.

You read it here first—if there were ever a time to take your DMT pen that you save for rainy days and mental health crises downtown to check out Meow Wolf’s new installation, it’s probably the first and last Wednesdays of January and February.

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.