It's been three long, desolate years since the Black Lips released an album, but our prayers have finally been answered, and they're dropping a new one in March. But March is a ways away, so we went out and got their new single, "Boys in the Wood" for you. It's psychadelic pop-rock-country-blues-musical orgasm at it's finest.

If you've ever been to a Black Lips show, you know that shit gets crazy. Objects rain down upon your head from the stage. Toilet paper, tinsel, beer, panties, more beer; no one is safe. Then Band member A starts blowing it, too drunk to play but drunk enough to shake their dick around on stage, only to be subsequently slapped by Bandmate B, who then proceeds to launch into some grating psychedelic solo while the crowd goes ape shit…basically it's no place for children. Needless to say, we can't wait to see them perform their new single, "Boys in the Wood" (like Boyz in the Hood, ha ha, oh you guys). Check it: